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45°02’43.7”N 14°03’00.4”E

45°02’43.7”N 14°03’00.4”E are coordinates of place Raša (a small municipality in Croatia near Labin). It is most known for its coal mine, which was active in the first half of the 20th century. The town was established in a completely artificial way on the initiative of B. Mussolini because of his interest in the coal supply.  He ordered to drain the see and to build a workers’ settlement with a small town based on the ideals of modernism. Since 1966 the coal mine has been closed, but the complexes are still there turning slowly into ruins.

  In Raša I saw a place with many layers, a place of big ideas that did not work out, a place of utopia. The installation is researching all the parallel spaces that are coexisting and together building a place, in other words, spaces that create our reality. It is a search for a relation between real and unreal.

  The imagery originates from photos taken at the exact place and from an old socialistic propaganda movie about Raša. Different images, representing two different ideas of the same place, are now being confronted in a new image, questioning the role of imagery in building a general image of a specific place.

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