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List of projects





Workers and workers they left now what?, illustration for short stories (MMC Kibla production, Maribor). 

Illustrations for National museum of contemporary history of Slovenia.

Scherbaum’s Monkey, written by Aleksandra Berberih Slana, NAtional liberation Museum Maribor.

Rainbow witch: How the little witch got her name, written by Vesna Ina Črnko, illustrations for children’s book.

Summer at the museum 2020, short promotional animation.

Vignettes for easy-to-read manual for Risa Institute (theme: personal assistance law, social inclusion law ).

Summer at the museum 2019, short promotional animation. 

Vignettes for easy-to-read manual for Rias Institute (theme: alcoholism). 

Vojko, short animation presented on Animateka 2018

Coffee & Teeth, illustration for a promotional booklet for dentist clinic Ustna medicina.

Illustrations for a poster for awareness raising of Pulmonary hypertension.

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