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Cult of happiness

BEING HAPPY.  An ultimate life goal in our contemporary capitalistic society. People from home-décor and furniture catalogues are being seen as prototypes, as examples of how to design and live our life. Every day is accompanied by vivid images promising comfort and joy. We are being blinded from their glare, not noticing that we are suffocating on their empty promises.

The core of the installation is two painting hidden behind huge indoor plants. Instead of the heading paper with general information about the paintings, there are two QR codes. It is impossible to see the paintings on the whole. The only way to come behind the green curtain is to scan the QR codes. They will lead you to the Instagram profile with small paintings’ reproductions.

The project addresses the question about our perception in general, perception of art and on the idea of a perfect life that the contemporary world is creating for us.

Even though we are in a gallery, the only way to observe the painting is to see them on social media as a small reproduction. Many visitors would not even bother scanning the QR codes. And what is my role, as a painter, in the world where “everything has already been done”? Does painting practice in general still make sense nowadays? In the installation, the attention was taken away from the paintings by plants. By decoration. As it is commonly known, plants have a great attribute to the quality of a space where they are being located. And after all, this is exactly what we want nowadays – feel good and bee happy.


Installation view 1 (photo by Dejan Habicht)


Installation view 2 (photo by Dejan Habicht)


Komfortzone, QR.


Komfortzone, acrylic in canvas, 140x140cm, 2016


Für mein Leben gern Zuhause, QR.


Für mein Leben gern Zuhause, acrilyc on canvas, 180x130cm, 2016

jezne slike-01-01.jpg

Angry paintings, mixed tehnique on canvas, diffrent sizes, 2016

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