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Walking is collecting. It means collecting impressions, images, get in touch with our surroundings. Through regular walks in the same area makes you notice things. One neighbour changed his curtains, another one has new bushes in front of the house. New houses are being built. The following paintings are kind of documents of changes (or better said, side-results of them) in my home neighbourhood. Photos of house-building material, which were taken while walking, served as source material for the paintings. They depict junk as an ornament, as something beautiful. But it is floating on the pictorial surface. Not fully belonging there, just as the trash does not belong in the environment.


Discarded 1, acrylic on canvas, 120 x 80 cm, 2016


Discarded 2, acrylic on canvas, 130 x 80 cm, 2016


Discarded 3, acrylic on canvas, 30x30cm in 25x30cm, 2016


Discarded 4, acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm, 2016

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