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Patchwork & Meet you at 16:17

The installation consists of two artworks - the wall piece Patchwork and the wall and floor painting Meet you at 16:17.

Both artworks are a direct response to the exhibited space (this is an old industrial building of a former Maribor’s textile factory - MMT in Melje district). The first one deals with a wider conceptual context, while on the other hand, the second artwork answers to the direct site of the exhibition.  

Installation was made by invitation of UGM, as a part of Prelaunch days EKO8 (16. – 26.9.2020) that heralds International Triennial of Art and environment EKO8 which will take place in spring 2021. The project is curated by Alessandro Vincentelli. 

Read more about the work here


Patchwork & Meet youat 16.17, installation view, MTT building, Maribor, 2020 (photo by Jure Kirbiš).

Some "backstage" moments

photo by Jure Kirbiš

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