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This few seconds long animation is an illustration of a segment of a traditional Slovene story Martin Krpan written by Fran Levstik. The story is about a strong, hardworking but simple-minded man Martin Krapn who is a symbol of a typical Slovene man in that time. He used to smuggle salt on his shabby but enduring horse and once he met the emperor on his way. It was winter, and he was standing in the way of the emperor’s carriage. To get out of his way he just lifted his horse. The emperor was stunned. A few years later he asked Krpan to come to Vienna to fight with a brutal worrier Brdavs, who has already killed all the best emperor’s knights. In Vienna, the knight and people in the palace have been making fun out of Krpan and his skinny horse. But Krpan said that none of the royal horses is as strong as his and that he can throw any horse out of the barn. And this part of a story has been my inspiration for the animation.

The animation was presented in a traditional way with mutoscope.  



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