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Manic Dream Pixie Place

I visited him. For the first time. And then for the second time. And also for the third. I subordinated my steps to his spatial arrangement. Even though I approached to him as a tourist approaches to a sightseen, he is its exact opposite. I’ve been observing him and collecting all the situation for which I believed they are only his. Those situation that marked him as interesting unique place. A place that spoke to me and made me believed it is being a subject on its own. I praised its commonness. Those images of fascinations started to translate itself into archive of photographs, sketches, drawings, notes and paintings. I fold the drawing and don’t hang the painting on the wall. I just lean it. I treat them as an object of their own. Objects with their own shadow confirming the presence of their bodies in the space. Presence of a body that has not much to do with the baseline referent anymore. All that is left is its skeleton. A new place is being established. it is not parallel to the referential one. Other place is being build. Or maybe just the other of a place with its own legality. We are being able to move through it, but we are never going to fully be there. We are located in a non-place. A non-place that that seems to serve just for us, but actually lives its own life.

Text abut exhibition (slo): click

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