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The series "Yutori" is created from my library of snapshots taken with a phone and images from Google Maps. At times, these are shots of everyday surroundings, while other times they are images taken on trips or at places that were once part of the daily routine. These different environments are combined through the principle of montage into drawings, creating a new place on paper. Natural organic forms alternate with geometric lines of human-made objects and structures. The drawing is outlined and flat, with details often omitted, inviting viewers to form associations and search for familiar places. Due to their flatness, the works can function like maps. Maps, in their original, ancient sense, depict our world in a size that we can still sensually perceive. It is an attempt to orient oneself in the world. Although maps often function as objective representations of space, it should be noted that they are created by a cartographer and their perceptions and spatial values. They are a set of signs forming their language and represent what was of interest to the cartographer at that moment. This is by far the most intuitive series to date, which, in a way, seeks a home in the world through drawing.

Reference: Hannah HIGGINS, The grid book, Cambridge: MIT Press, 2009, pp. 79–80.


Deja Vu series, print on transparent foil, photo paper, paper, 30x21cm, 2023.

Deja Vu V, print on transparent foil, photo paper, paper, 50x50 cm, 2023.

Passing by, light bulb, wood, paper, 2023.

Photo_2023-10-12_132049 (6)_edited.jpg
home map eskapizem (2)_edited.jpg
Photo_2023-10-12_132007 (5)_edited.jpg

Passing by - sketches, graphite on paper, 36x28cm, 2023.

Escapism I, acrilyc on canvas, 140x180cm, 2022.


Escapism III, acrilyc on canvas, 120x80cm, 2023.


Escapism II, acrilyc on canvas, 40x60cm, 2023.

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